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Submit Your Wedding to be Published

Easily find the best wedding blogs and sites to submit your wedding or styled shoot to.

Submit Your Wedding to be Published



We list a range of wedding industry blogs so you can easily find the best magazine and site to publish your wedding on.


Choose the right blog and site to submit your wedding to, decide based on the style and audience to ensure they match.


All our website links for straight to the submission page for that site, so click through to submit your wedding for review.


At the moment we are unable to submit editorials however this is a feature we are looking to add in the future.

Having your work featured on relevant wedding blogs is a great way to get your work featured, gaining exposure to couples making it a great way to promote your business with no cost.

We act as a platform to connect you easily to wedding industry blogs and sites where you can submit your wedding, we do not charge for this and 99% of sites do not charge for you to submit your wedding for their editorial review.

There are no guarantees or tricks to get your wedding featured, however ensure you follow their guidelines and be honest with yourself, would this wedding and photos look at place on this blog? There can be many reasons why it may not be featured, editorial review may not feel it is suitable, similar styled weddings recently published, or just a publishing capacity.